Hit, Hold and Release, my entry for the first GMTK Game Jam.

  • An (very simple and not finished attempt) one-click-button infinite-runner.
  • I tried to explore the possibilities that exist at a simple push of a button.
  • Plataform: HTML5.
  • Made with p5js with the p5.play library.
  • Source code at https://github.com/camelo003/hhr.
Published Jul 17, 2017


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It's an interesting concept. With more polish and obstacles I think it could actually be pretty fun.

One bit of advice I would recommend would be to make it so the player doesn't move backwards while in the air, as this makes it fairly difficult to time a jump after dashing (since the blocks on the ground move at the same speed).

Either way, good job!

Thanks for the helpful and kind comment.

The idea was to chain 3 buttons with their respective actions (hit, hold and release/shot, dash and jump) to perform combos. I could not focus during the jam period because of others works, but your post made me want to continue with the project. I'll post the progress here and the corresponding Github repository.

Thank you!